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Project status: In production

Working title: Fashion Slaves (aka Bangla Dreams)

Production Company: Mantaray Film AB /Stina Gardell  (*executive producer)
Co-production with Nordic Light Cinematography AB

Directors: Masud Akhond & Nicklas Karpaty

Producer: Maryam Ebrahimi  

Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty, FSF

Sound: Lars Jameson



In a world of poverty, three young girls of Bangladesh trying to find meaning of life through their dreams. In Bangladesh's textile industry, we see how the mechanisms linked to the western world's fashion industry are ravaging young women's attempts at a dignified life. Sabina, Ruma and Nazjnin work every day from early morning to late evening in the dangerous and dirty environment of the textile industry. The job provides no prerequisites for neither completing schooling, nor being able to move from the conditions in the slum. The rules at the factory are harsh and in order to provide for their families, they must continue to sew the clothes that we in the Western world want to buy as cheaply as possible. Who pays the price and is there light in this darkness? 

Trailer in English below.

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