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Project status: In production w support from Swedish Film institute, SFI

Working title: Bangla Dreams 

Production Company: Mantaray Film AB /Stina Gardell  (*executive producer)

Initial production company: Nordic Light Cinematography AB

Directors: Masud Akhond & Nicklas Karpaty

Producer: Maryam Ebrahimi  

Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty, FSF
Editor: Pierre Laurent

Composer: Sveinung Nygaard

Sound: Lars Jameson



Bangla Dreams is a documentary film that follows the inspiring journey of Sabina and Najnin, two young girls from the Dhaka slum in Bangladesh who dream of a better future despite facing tremendous odds. Sabina dreams of becoming a famous singer and dancer, while Najnin wants to become a banker and dress up like western women. The film celebrates the universal power of dreams and aspirations, while also shedding light on the systemic inequalities and challenges faced by young girls living in poverty.

Through a series of visually stunning sequences, we see the girls make their own TikTok videos, which serve as a launching pad for a dream with Bollywood-inspired dance and singing scenes. As we follow Sabina and Najnin's journey, we explore the harsh realities of life in the Dhaka slum, including the limited access to education and clean water, as well as the exploitation of workers in the local textile industry where the girls work. Despite these challenges, Sabina and Najnin persevere in pursuit of their dreams and inspire us with their resilience, spirit, and creativity. The film also aims to inspire action towards greater social justice and empowerment for girls and women around the world. Ultimately, ”Bangla Dreams" is a powerful and uplifting story of hope, perseverance, and the universal human desire for a better future.

Trailer in English below.

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