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Premiere: YouTube 2015 -

Title: DeadLand (Webseries)

Running lenghts: 4-8 min

Production Company: Deadland Series & Nordic Light Cinematography AB

Director/writer: Rahan Pakravan

Producer: Nicklas Karpaty, Philip Hughes, Rahan Pakravan

Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty, fsf

Sound design: Anders Kwarnmark

Visual Effects: Mattias Larsson 

CGI: Martin Karlsson

Sound design: Anders Kwarnmark 

Special Makeup Effects: Anders Maummar

Composer: Mattias Löfroth 

Editor/intro created by: Nicklas Estberg

Voice over: Alana da Silva

Grading: Sebastian Guest (pt 2) and Andreas Hylander (pt 1)


Dead Land is an independent post-apocalyptic zombie series created by a group of Swedish filmmakers. A celebration to a beloved genre. Currently there are two episodes out.

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